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Royal tells of making the PakYak longer...
May 2, 2000

--- Ralph Diaz (author of Complete Folding Kayaker ) sent me an email about "reserve bouyancy".

(Yes, Ralph actually looked at all the photos on the PakYak site.)

He had met Jim Heter (5' 8" (1.73 mtr) and 170 lbs. (77.1 kilos)) and thought the original PakYak design worked great for Jim, but that at 6 ft. (1.83 mtr) and 220 lbs (99.5+ kilos) - I should use a longer PakYak to get more bouyancy. _ I thought that was a nice way of saying -- "you look a bit cramped and can easily ship water down the back of your seat." _ I was, I agree. _ So I am building a 14 ft. 6 inch version (4.42 meters). That's the overall length after extending the cockpit 6" (15.25 cm) (+3" {+7.6 cm} per stringer). Then extending the sections fore and aft of the cockpit by 1 ft. each (30.5 cm) by using 3 ft. stringers (91.5 cm). _ I had also considered making it taller, but when I assembled it, it would no longer fold. _ So, back to the same height, just longer.

Just click on any image to see a full-size picture.

Look at the longer length!
particularly in the section
immediately in front of
the cockpit.
14 ft. viewed from left rear
From the left rear quarter.
Only the ends
(bow & stern) are the
original 2 ft. length

Bow & Stern are 2 ft.,
Cockpit is 6" longer,
fore & aft of the
cockpit are 3 ft. each
Can you see the diference?
the old/the new parts.
Can you see the difference?
Look how much longer it is
when folded up.
This is the same laundry
bag as the next foto

12 ft. ver. folded
Heat aluminum before bending tab
Mod to Gunwale.
note: tab inside the cockpit (for rigidity)
with wingnut for speed of assembly.
See the wingnut?
Outside view of gunwale.

I had cable problems,
so ...
haven't drilled hole in stringer yet
another view

(2) 10/32 screws through
the brace,
(1) through the stringer

Again, wingnuts
for speed.

Compare the 14 ft version
with the --->
The old 2 ft. per section version
12 ft. version

I can stretch my legs out!
My knees are below the
That long thing sticking beyond the bow end
Look how long that connector
stringer is now!

Just as soon as I finish the skin, I'll take this down to the marina
and will post another page of fotos...