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Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 09:28:03 EDT

Howdy Joe

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> Fucia
> Is that a shade of purple??
Yep. :)

The material was meant for back packs. I bought a sample,A couple of days
ago, before everyone responded to my questions. So I decided to try a few
tests with it. There was enough fabric to make 4 15x15 squares, so I took
one and stretched it over a 12x12 frame. Sure enough, it stretched nicely
and slackened up when wet.

 I did a rough drop test, dropping a ball bearing from 12 inches to the
center and trying to see the rebound. The ball bounced about 5 1/2 inches
with dry nylon, 3 inches when wet, and back to 6 1/2 after drying in the

Then I applied a coat of spar varnish, just cause that's what was available.
I also have some oil based polyurethane which I intend to try on another
sample. Anyway it seemed to take the spar varnish ok and when dry the ball
bearing bounced to 5 1/2 inches again. Then I filled the frame with water,
and it didn't seem to leak or loosen.

I am going to try the oil based polyurethane next, then a water based. I
have also taken a sample and run it through the washing machine with a load
of laundry to try to get rid of any sizing or what eve might be in the

Peter said that the colored nylon may not take complex curves. That is a
problem, and I haven't figured out how to make a frame to test it yet. Oh
yea Peter also said to stretch it wet. I will try that on the next section.

Based on what everybody has said, I don't know if I'm gonna use it anyway.
I will probably use some stuff from Dyson, Baidarka & Company, since it
isn't that expensive anyway.

Then again, No one seemed to come up with an "OH MY GOD NOOOOOoooooo"
opinion, so being not real bright, I may try the Fucia nylon just for the
heck of it. I mean this kayak is only going to be used on sunny day flat
water lakes. :) and I've never seen a Fucia boat. :o :)

See Ya

Have Fun

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