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Thanks for everybody's comments on the lashings, I do feel better about them
now. I mean they looked strong enough, and instead of just using
half-hitches, I ran the end of the line through the loop one more time to
make "double hitch"(??) ties each time, So I don't think they will come
untied, now that I know I didn't screw the lashing process up. :)

Peter Wrote:

> The only concern I would have over your method is the use of
> the scarfed gunwales.

I have a fairly high degree of confidence in my scarfed joints. I don't
have a lot of experience with scarfed joints. Just faith in the folks that
specified the scarfing angle for aircraft spars. All of the test pieces
that have broken (any section that breaks is designated a test piece) have
broken at knots, or other grain defects. I haven't had a failure of a scarf
yet. I am far more concerned with the weakening caused by the rib

> since I have noticed that Morris instructs you to use much
> heavier lumber ( and larger hulls too), .

The size of gun' ales I ended up with is 3/4 by 2 1/2 inches of softwood.
Does that seem heavier than most experienced builders use?
> I was amused by your attempt to build a $40 boat. I have
> done this several times with skin on frame kayaks.

Thanks it was fun to build. Actually this Kayak is supposed to be FREE, but
doesn't look like I'll make it. I've spent $13 on artificial sinew. :( I
will first cover the boat in the heat shrink plastic that is used to cocoon
commercial boats for transport. That way I can claim to have built it for
as little money as possible. Unless the kayak breaks in half, I'll then
cover it in nylon or Dacron.

Thanks for the input.

See Ya

Have Fun

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