Re: [baidarka] Baidarka on a Diet

Subject: Re: [baidarka] Baidarka on a Diet
From: wolfgang brinck (
Date: Fri May 28 2004 - 19:03:01 EDT

--- Mark Haller-Wade <> wrote:
> I'm working on a Brinck baidarka. I've completed the chine and
> deck
> beams, but now I'm getting a little worried about weight.

The deck beams are slightly over-engineered, especially in doug fir.
One way to reduce weight is to taper the beams down toward the center
as viewed from the top. They will still have the same profile viewed
face-on. Some of the baidarkas in museums show this feature. This
slimming can be done with a spoke shave.

And if you switch to a less dense wood for the rest of the boat as
one of the other posters suggested, you should be fine.

Fabric weight for the skin will also make a difference.

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