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These pages have been modified lately:

JAN2003: COMBI Single + Double by Thomas Yost
JAN2003: 18-oz PVC (Thomas Yost)
DEC2002: Site Tour (quick, 30+ pages) with info grouped in sections
DEC2002: West Greenlandic Kayak by Gerald Maroske (new pics from his site)

Introduction and Overview (slow, long, many pics, 1 huge page, printable)

Site Index to All (Old) Pages (mostly text, 1 page)

I seem to be unable to respond to emails on AOL and other sites. Here is AOL's version of the reason:

... Closing connection to mailin-03.mx.aol.com.
550-The IP address you're using to connect to AOL is either open to the
550-free relaying of e-mail, is serving as an open proxy, or is listed in
550-the Dial-Up List operated by MAPS (www.mail-abuse.org). AOL cannot
550-accept further e-mail transactions from your server until either your
550-server is closed to free relaying/proxy, or your IP address is removed
550-from MAPS Dial-Up List. For additional information, please visit
550 http://postmaster.info.aol.com

I do not care much about how and why this does not work. If you send email from AOL and similar providers, be prepared that I cannot respond directly. I choose to keep my little old computer "open" and "free" as long as I can.

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