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[Why the Funny Bow] [Skin-On-Frame Aircraft] [Baidarkas and Aircraft]

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[The Aluminum Frame] [Last Chance Design] and [LostSoul by Hendrik Maroske]
[TDY-16], [FAP-15], [FAP-16], [BIF-16], [CNM], [Various Designs by Thomas Yost]
[West Greenland Design by Gerald Maroske] [Folding Design by Patrick Poirier]
[SPY-10 by Thomas Yost] [Paddles by Gail.E.Ferris/GUM/TDY/HHM]

Kayak Design Page: [Frame Joints], [PVC Skin], [Measurements], [First Disassembly]

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[Folding Kayak Transport], [Baidarkas And Motorcycles], [Vancouver Island Trip '95], [Kayak Surfing, Fishing, Camping], [Sleuthing Around the Ice (Gail Ferris 1998)], [Trips '97 and '99]



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[Baidarkas] [Greenlanders] [George Dyson] [´91] [´92] [Trip´95] [Trip´97] [SaU´97] [Trip´99] [Get Going!]
[Contributors] [Baidarkas and Aircraft] [Transport] [Toms Kayak Bag] [Motorcycles] [Surfing Vancouver Island] [Fishing] [Camping] [Sailing Tent]

[NEW: Tom Yost: FAP-15 and SPY-10] TDY-16F] [Pat Poirier] [Aleut Paddles] [Folding Greenland Baidarka: Detailed, Animated Assembly]
[Design of Folding Aluminum or Wooden Baidarkas and Greenlanders: Parts; Construction; Assembly Stages]
Thomas Yost: [SPY-10] [FAP-15] [TDY-16F] [FAP-16] [BIF-16] [feather] [Dyson Double] [CNM-12212] [MAE 593-76] [LM 2-14886] [David Hazen] [Dyson Single]
Gerald Maroske: [West Greenland] Hendrik Maroske: [Lost Soul] [Nevermore] [Last Chance] [Inside Passage] Roy Clo Baggerly: [Twelve!]
Photos: [Baidarkas] [Kodiak 3-Hatch] [Greenlander] [Expo 67] [Dyson's 3-Hatch] [Dyson's 737] [Unknown]
Design Info: [Aluminum Construction] [PVC Skin] [Wood Construction] [Comments] [Oval Tubing] [Measurements] [Workbench]
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CDROM Available CDROM Available! All this, including high resolution pictures and animations, the Baidarka mail archive and several other web sites is distributed by Charles Hall.
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Greenland Paddling Greenland Paddling Here is an article about Greenland paddling technique by Greg Stamer. Greg describes his lessons lerned from Maligiaq Padilla, the Greenland National Kayak Champion.

Contributors to this page: Thomas Yost (TDY), Patrick Poirier (PPR), Gerald Maroske (GUM) and Hendrik Maroske (HHM)