''LM 2-14886 by Thomas Yost: Trial Run''
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LM 2-14886 (the single seater in the back) was built from David Zimmerly's Offsets in "QAJAQ". This is a fairly stable and fast design. Once again I have modified the deck shape and the coaming. Finish is UV Urethane. Photo taken at Curecanti Canyon, on the Gunnison river,Colorado. Canyon is 1,000 ft. deep.

Length 17 ft. Width 21 in. Weight 33 lb. Construction Time: 250 hr.

The second boat in this photo is a David Hazen design from his book "A Strippers Guide To Canoe Building". The boat is highly modified in both dimensions and detail. Construction is redwood with pine inlay. Curecanti Canyon.

Length 20 ft. Width 28 in. Weight 85 lb. Construction Time: 350 hr.

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