''Contributors and Their Addresses''
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I hope these pages contain something useful for you; if they get known among some home builders, that's fine. But you can imagine that none of the authors will like to see his pictures spread out and sold without knowledge and permission; so please respect their property. My thanks go to all contributors. Most of the addresses listed below are unfortunately out of service now.

George Dyson, the classic in this field (thank you for the superb fotos)

Gail E. Ferris
1 Bowhay Hill, Stony Creek, CT 06405-5701 USA

Thomas Yost Littleton, Colorado 80122 (Your pics are the salt in this soup :)

John Winters (who encouraged me to keep up with the Greenland Baidarka Design)

Wolfgang Brinck (wrote 'Aleutian Kayak' and some insightful electronic remarks on eskimos)

Nick Schade (who did a lot of work at the online kayak pages I have links to)

Gerald Maroske (without your ideas this wouldn't have happened)

Bernd Böttinger (who provided the superb workshop for two years)

Patrick Poirier for 3-D computer drawing of a folding frame

Philip Wylie, where are you?

Ken Lalonde, and you?

Roy Clo Baggerly's current last email address was baggerly@iaehv.nl

I also owe more than a "Thank You" to these editors of books and articles:
John Brand (Little Kayak Books)
H.C. Petersen (Skinboats of Greenland)
John Heath (Articles in SeaKayaker)
Nikos Drakos, head of the "latex2html" team for their TeX to HTML converter
David Walker for the cool 100percent sticker (greetings to all Linux users :)

sure the developer of the origami folding text editor without which I'd have a lot of trouble writing these files because my setup is a lot faster than cashware :-)

and last but not least Charles Hall who went through the work of making the robroy server and Baidarka CDROM where this slide show and a lot more can be found.

These pages were constructed on  , thanx Linus!

Contributors to this page: Thomas Yost (TDY), Patrick Poirier (PPR), Gerald Maroske (GUM) and Hendrik Maroske (HHM)