''Introduction - Kayak Trips 1997 and 1999''
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Trip to Norway 1997 (HHM)

Trip to Toronto/Lake Huron 1999 (HHM)

Perfect paddling weather. The way I got there was this: on a Friday noon I was working in England on a piece of software. Already a taxi was waiting to take me to the airport. At the same time, one of my bosses showed up with a commanding voice and a ticket to Toronto. So I repaired that code, got my plane home to Germany that Friday, packed the Baidarka on Saturday and catched the plane to Toronto on Sunday, showing up on the check-in with a previously undeclared bag of 2m times 50cm times 30cm weighing 90 pounds. It was an eventful check-in, but eventually the bag got on board for about 200 US dollars.

Nearly two weeks later, still in Toronto, I managed to get a long weekend off, but I would only know that I am off when I already sat in the car, driving north. Whew.

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