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Folding Baidarka and Greenland Kayak Design, Hints and Tips

What you're looking at is just an overview with a few interesting images. Here is more info on all our folding Baidarka designs:

[Design] [Construction] [Parts] [Joints] [3-D] [Complete Framework] [Skin The Frame]
[Stem] [Stern] [Rudder] [Gunwales] [Frames] [Stringers] [Cockpit]
[Materials] [Pump] [Sail] [Paddle] [This And That]

Well, the basic folding boat design procedure goes like this:

That was actually step one.

That was actually step two.

That was actually step three.

That was actually step four.

Still reading?

We actually have managed to collect a few useful design and construction tips, and the purpose of the design page is to divert you into the appropriate sections, depending upon your preference. Since this is a 'crosswise' entry, you will have to use the button to get back to the design page.

Design bits and pieces:
SPY-10 Sailrig by Thomas Yost
Dyson Style Two-Seater Folding Baidarka by Thomas Yost: Seat and Frame
Zippers: Easy Loading
Deck Ties
Skin Quicklace
BIF-16 by Thomas Yost: Perfect Bow
Sliding a Curved Bifid Bow Into The Skin
Oval Aluminum Tubing
Thomas Yost: Bending Tubes
Bending Aircraft Tubes at Mark Smith's Shop
QUESTION: Pin Joint for Stringers
Skin Cutter
The PVC Glue
Kayak Camping: My Sail is My Home (Ready for the Night)
Rudder Pedals After Use
Simple Carrying Toggle

Contributors to this page: Thomas Yost (TDY), Patrick Poirier (PPR), Gerald Maroske (GUM) and Hendrik Maroske (HHM)