''SPY-10 by Thomas Yost: Sailrig Assembly''
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SPY-10 Folding Sailrig, Oct 2002

This sailrig is designed for use with FAP-16. It can be adapted to other folding kayaks with minor modifications. The amas are constructed using aluminum tubing, HDPE Cross sections, and a nylon/neoprene skin. A wing sail is being considered in addition to a standard sail.

Table Of Offsets
I've chosen not to post offset numbers until the sailrig is thoroughly tested. If all checks out, or if design modifications are necessary, I'll post them at that time.

Amas - (Folding)
This ama design is based on, but not a copy of, the Chesapeake Light Craft Eight Footers that appear in Woodenboats #131, July/August, 1996. The CLC amas are made of plywood and feature a "V" shape cross section. The SPY-10 folding ama utilizes aluminum tubing with a nylon/neoprene skin. The cross sections are "Hard-Chine". The amas are 10 feet long to approximate other designs currently in use.

With 3 cross section and 3/4"X.035 tubing, the amas weigh 7lbs. each. Estimated weight with Nylon/Neoprene skin is approx. 10lbs. each. The 120lb. displacement figure is at point of submersion.

The twin 10 foot akas are made of 1.5"X.049 tubing and break down into three sections. The center section is 4 feet, and the outer sections are 3 feet each. There are two 27" inserts per aka, which are made of 1-3/8"X.058 tubing. The akas are spaced six feet apart as I felt that was a minimum distance for paddle clearance.

My workshop is pushed nearly to it's limit when the sailrig is assembled.

HDPE Sailrig Components
The front aka attaches to cross section three and the rear aka attaches to cross section six of FAP-16. The original cross section six was remade, and moved 7" forward to allow attachment to the rear aka. All components of this system are made of HDPE. HDPE cross sections were chosen as the main attachment points for the akas, due to the integral strength of the cross sections. There are also attachments at the Gunwales to help distribute the load.

Leeboard and rudder pics and descriptions will be posted upon completion.

The sail and mast will be purchased from a commercial sail maker as I have no practical experience in that area of construction. A 36-38sq.ft. sail is recommended.

Aka/Ama Assembly
The akas/amas attach with one 1/4" bolt per attachment point (four). There is an HDPE "cradle" attached to the aka that holds the ama in position, while also allowing the ama to sit at six degrees off vertical (CLC specs.)

Sailrig Assembly
The SPY-10 sailrig attaches to the FAP-16 cross sections with three 1/4" bolts per aka. Assembly takes only a few minutes. The three aka sections assemble with 1/4" bolts.

This folding sailrig should add another dimension to the already versatile FAP-16 folding kayak. The uses for HDPE seem endless....

Many Thanks To -

Mark Balogh of "Balogh Sail Designs", who determined the proper mast/aka location http://www.baloghsaildesigns.com

Tony Niilus, who provided much needed sailrig design input. http://www.geocities.com/niilus

Paul Ernst, whose vision of a folding sailrig got me started on this project. He is the first builder to complete one of my kayak designs (FAP-16), and is currently working on his second.

Hendrik Maroske, whose kindness and hard work, have made it possible for me to display my designs on this great folding kayak site.

Contributors to this page: Thomas Yost (TDY), Patrick Poirier (PPR), Gerald Maroske (GUM) and Hendrik Maroske (HHM)