''SPY-10 by Thomas Yost: HDPE Sailrig Components''
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The front aka attaches to cross section three and the rear aka attaches to cross section six of FAP-16. The original cross section six was remade, and moved 7" forward to allow attachment to the rear aka. All components of this system are made of HDPE. HDPE cross sections were chosen as the main attachment points for the akas, due to the integral strength of the cross sections. There are also attachments at the Gunwales to help distribute the load.

Leeboard and rudder pics and descriptions will be posted upon completion.

The sail and mast will be purchased from a commercial sail maker as I have no practical experience in that area of construction. A 36-38sq.ft. sail is recommended.

Contributors to this page: Thomas Yost (TDY), Patrick Poirier (PPR), Gerald Maroske (GUM) and Hendrik Maroske (HHM)