''Introduction - Vancouver Island 1995''
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Geralds and Hendriks Vancouver Island Trip 1995

The Lightest Breeze

The Lightest Breeze Enters My Mind,
And All Before Is Left Behind.
For It Is Not Fate That Brings Me Here,
But Rather A Need, Perhaps A Fear.

The Winds Of Time Have Happened By,
And Left Me With This Clear Blue Sky.
The Ocean Swells Do Comfort Me,
The Waters Glow, My Light To See.

For All That Is Will Always Be
Deep Inside A Part Of Me,
Until My Life Upon This Land
Assumes It's Place Amongst The Sand...


George Dyson's ''Mount Fairweather'' Baidarka was launched in June 1975 at Vancouver City and some days later made its way up to northeast Vancouver Island. The summer solstice of 1995, nearly exactly 20 years later, my brother Gerald and I enjoyed a trip to the Discovery Islands. This trip also was a test of my brother's newly built folding Greenland Eskimo Kayak.

We crossed paths with George Dyson's and similar expeditions. In part, that trip was a sort of a ''dream-come-true''; inspired by our reading and re-reading of George's and Kenneth Brower's books.

Compare the characteristics of our kayaks and let me point out these inspiring journeys, so much more than what we have achieved:

Paul Caffyn circumnavigating Australia in a Nordkapp, which is the glass version of the Greenland design.

George Dyson paddled the Inside Passage in his version of the Kodiak designs (Aluminum/Epoxi).

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