''Lostsoul by Hendrik Maroske: Early Stage of Folding "Greenland " Baidarka''
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With this design, I wanted to reduce the height of the deck stringers. I always wondered if the one-hatch baidarka deck design really is the big thing, partly because I am making foldable baidarkas:

Surely the Aleut people had their ways to cope with that, but I was struggling to make my craft seaworthy. According to today's accepted safety standards. I had to change it in order to get a foldable design, and the result of this are waterlines very alike to those of the Greenlanders.

Well, this looks like something. I made a good rear hatch, with the pump installed and everything, skipped that rear deck stringer and now have a nicely fitting tilted cockpit. Seems like progress.

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