''Trip '95: Elephant Mountain''
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See the whitecaps ? This is the ebb stream out of Surge Narrows.

The area around Maurelle Island is described in John Ince's well known book ''Sea Kayaking Canada's West Coast''; but since then, the shop at the Surge Narrows Community seems to have been closed a long time. We had sort of a surprise, the day we wanted to take up provisions there. The surprise consisted of a long paddle without breakfast. In contrast to that, the village at Heriot Bay has precise charts, food, camping and everything. Another notable change might be the forest. I don't know how it looked in those times; but today there is a lot of second-growth forest. It is in a good shape, so we realized the fact only after a while. But this resulted in a reduced population of animals. Except of a lot of ravens, we were a bit lonely in those places. We even did not see any raccoons.

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