''Greenland Paddles by Gail Ferris: Nathaniel Jensen''
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Nathaniel Jensen paddle designed with a ridge down the center to split the vortices by Nikolaj Jensen, Kullorsuaq, Greenland
The shape of the blade cross section at 2cm is a long rectangle with rounded edges. At 20cm the cross section is an ellipse without any rib down the center. At 25cm the rib on the face of the paddle blade starts to form and at 40cm the rib becomes highly defined.

The loom begins at 76-77cm where there is a step down.

length overall: 217cm
length of loom: 61cm, rectangular
blade length: 77cm

Measured and drawn by Gail Ferris 9/95.

Gail E. Ferris
October 18, 1998

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