''PVC Skin: WHOA! CHEAT!''
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You know, I have been cheating all the time :-)

I have used lots of double sided tape to do the show here!

Now, I don't think you should exactly follow my routine. Matter of fact, I don't care at all if you do or not, or if you have a better secret solution. This is no black magic at all. If you have something nicer, faster, prettier or whatever, come up with a few pics and I'll include them here.

What I definitely suggest to you is that you do the same trick as I did just now: run a trial assembly with duct tape. That's a lot of fun to do, very instructional, and you always have a chance to step back, check your work, remove what you just made and redo the last step. This will rapidly tell you the properties of the material you're working with, at minimum cost and time.

Be careful playing with duct tape on skin that will later be permanently glued: you will have to extra thoroughly clean the seams to remove 210 percent of the tape stains, because they interfere with the glue.

Now, let's examine my old PVC skin for an example of how it looks like when it's finished.

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