''BIF-16 by Thomas Yost: Frame Right Side Up''
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Tom writes:
I built a large workshop which has made boat building more enjoyable than the dark basement that I used for so many years.

And I think it really makes sense to combine wooden frames with aluminum tubes in a rigid design; I have heard similar comments from other builders as well and think of trying it myself next time. What looks good in the first place, most certainly is good - Hendrik

Length - 16ft
Beam - 20.5in
Depth - 12in.
Deadrise - 28.5 deg.
Cp. - .58
Weight - 26 lbs. (est.)
Displacement - 185 lbs. (5.2in waterline)

Contributors to this page: Thomas Yost (TDY), Patrick Poirier (PPR), Gerald Maroske (GUM) and Hendrik Maroske (HHM)