''BIF-16 by Thomas Yost: Details of Stem and Stern''
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I had asked Tom:
''Did you actually weld the T-piece? This looks interesting.''

Tom writes: No, what you are seeing is 5-minute epoxy that held the tubing together until I could lash it with the squidding line.

Actually, I originally intended to make a slot in the bow piece but opted to use the current configuration to give me just enough of a gap to allow sewing the skin along the slot between the tubes. It will still have the benefits of the original but be much less complicated than the ''Baidarka'' style and should be very easy to sew in a straight line.

The tubes are the ''slot''. I've never been much of a ''Bifid'' fan.

Speaking of BIF - The name I've assigned this design doesn't refer to ''BIFID'' but actually refers to Baidarka ''Iqyax'' Form (BIF).

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