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Royal tells of the 2nd launch
Nov 12, 1999

WOW!!! YES, YES, YES! --- Now this is the way I thought it should be. It was much easier to get into and out of. The PakYak felt firmer like other kayaks that I've paddled. Just look at how it sits in the water!! It handles GREAT. I rode a few swells (boat wakes) without a spray skirt. Although, I'd really rather have the spray skirt on. It was so neat watching the Bow going through the water. I must admit that I did NOT lean much to either side to test how tippy it might be.

Just click on any image to see a full-size picture.

Looks a LOT better!

Just getting the feel.

Look at the lines of the deck!!

You're getting all the angles...

Coming right at you!


It looks just as good from this side ...

Yee Haaa!
I'm over there - below them boats
Look at the "V" behind me

Turning into the powerboat wake

Riding sideways over the commercial fishing boat wake

The seat bottom has "U" channel riveted to it so it sits on the stringers.

My bright idea for keeping the bottom center stringers parrallel.

I've got lots of more photos,
but this should be enough for now... :0)