''Folding Aluminum Baidarka Nevermode: Rigid as standard kayaks''
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This design (''Nevermore'') has a straight, divided bow. It was much easier to cover with the PVC skin than the previous and also it takes less time to put the skin into the structure during re-assembly. This is because I skipped the complex upward design of the bow and instead chose the straight divided bow. It's just that PVC skin easily jams with the aluminum tubes.

I completely redesigned the waterlines; they should be as similar to the original baidarka as possible for a foldable version, which features only one stringer. The ''Nevermore'' is 5.16m long and has a beam of 55cm. At the time, I can only provide you with sketches of the most important parts, especially the four ''gunwale spreader frames''. This is because the other frames are interpolated directly into the structure. You should check David Zimmerly's book; that's where I got the data from.

Anyhow, should you prefer building a wooden folding kayak, I would suggest talking to my brother who has built an extraordinary masterpiece of a folding Greenland Eskimo Kayak. I have enclosed several prints of his boat here.

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