''Dyson Style Single Baidarka by Thomas Yost''
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This was the first folder that Tom has made. Probably about 1993 or 94. It's a folding wooden(pine) version of a Dyson single. Skin is Nylon/Neoprene/Hypalon. Time to assemble - Forever !

His second folder was an Aluminum/Wood Dyson Double (1996).
Third was an Aluminum/Wood single (1997).
Fourth was an Aluminum/HDPE single- FAP-16(2002)
Fifth is an Aluminum/HDPE single - TDY-16(2002).

They keep getting lighter, easier to build, and quicker to assemble. TDY-16 will be my first with a Stamoid skin(Ivory). All others have been either Nylon/Neoprene/Hypalon or Polyester/Hypalon.

Length 17 ft. width 23 in. Weight 40 lb.

Contributors to this page: Thomas Yost (TDY), Patrick Poirier (PPR), Gerald Maroske (GUM) and Hendrik Maroske (HHM)