''FAP-16 by Thomas Yost: Skin is on!''
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Tom writes:
[This is] my first polyester skin after years of building with nylon. Started at 8:00am and finished at 7:00pm. I've heard that it is difficult to work with, but I found the polyester (9 oz) to be very easy to use due to it's flexibility. It doesn't shrink like nylon so I had to be careful to sew it tighter.

I used a 1000watt heat gun on the deck to remove what few wrinkles there were. The hull too needed very little heat. I was able to make a one piece skin with the temporary deck ridge and stem/stern the only areas requiring sewing. All in all, no more difficult than nylon. Nylon , due to it's superior shrinking characteristics, seems to makes a more taut skin. However, tautness isn't really an issue on a folding skin since it's controlled by sponsons, stretcher bars, zippers, etc.

All that's left to do is apply several coats of hypalon, remove the temporary deck stitching, and install a zipper. I'm looking into waterproof zippers. Sponsons are ready for installation if needed.

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