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start series PVC Skin Update 2002 PVC skins for Baidarkas and other ''aircraft''
start series Measurement Update 2002 Crude measurements of kayaks and parts
start series Workbench Update 2002 A good workbench for homebuilders
start series Baidarkas and Aircraft Why do we we carry so much gear?
start series Lake Huron '99 While on a business trip to Toronto: The Greenland Baidarka at Killbear Park.
start series Vancouver Island '95: Gerald and me Slides of our trip; Calm Channel, Heriot Bay, Sailing at Bold Point, Okisollo Channel and more.
start series Greenland Kayaks Historic pics of kayaks on racks at the coast and hunting.
start series Greenland Paddles Drawings of Paddles; measured and drawn by Gail Ferris.
start series Baidarkas Historic pics from ''Baidarka'' by George Dyson
start series George Dyson's Baidarkas George Dyson's Pictures: Joe Ziner in Chatham Strait, three Baidarkas under sail, George's best design.
start series Kayak Camping Our Campsite and my sail is my home.
start series Foldboat Transportation Transporting folding kayaks in taxis, on motorcycles, on airplanes, (airplane on canoes), at pier 48 in Seattle, on the beach and Assembling the kayaks.
start series Gone Fishin' (Tour'95) Tranquility and Attention...
start series Folding Aluminum Baidarkas My First ("Last Chance") and my best ("Nevermore!") design
start series Testing the Aluminum Baidarka In Norway, SAU Security Training '97 and the Annual Lake Constance Marathon
start series Making the Greenland Baidarka Beginning stage of current design, animated GIFs: the Baidarka assembles itself and Comments of Baidarka builders are included.
start series Gallery of Homebuilt Folding Kayaks A Feathercraft, folding Baidarkas, Greenlanders, rigid Baidarkas, and what You want. Current designs under construction. Comments of builders are included.
start series The Boat Cart The best, made by Gerald Maroske.
start series Searching? Here is all text of all pages in a single page; optimal for searching
CDROM Available CDROM Available! All this, including high resolution pictures and animations, the Baidarka mail archive and several other web sites is distributed by Charles Hall.
Visitors from Europe can also order here for production cost.
Greenland Paddling Greenland Paddling Here is an article about Greenland paddling technique by Greg Stamer. Greg describes his lessons lerned from Maligiaq Padilla, the Greenland National Kayak Champion.

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